Longer Local Resource List

O u r P l a n e t : W h a t C a n I D o ? M a y 2 0 1 9

Local Ideas for IP15 IP16 IP17 Central Suffolk Coastal

(ideas that also save money marked with *)

Reduction of Plastics and Packaging

Refills * Some local possibilities…

Farmshop Marlesford A12 : refills for some Ecover products

Nichols Butchers Leiston : Olive oil – refill your glass bottle

Milk Delivery in returnable glass bottles ‘Milk & More‘ https://www.milkandmore.co.uk

Foulgers Dairy covers some, not all of our area https://www.foulgersdairy.co.uk/delivery-map/

Loose cereals, nuts & more Cupboard Love – local enterprise, online deliveries https://www.cupboardlove.shop

Fresh Tempeh made Wickham Market, online ordering and delivery http://www.freshtempeh.co.uk

Farmshops & loose veg

Make/buy produce bags (see general list)

Some local Farm Shops Butchers, Producers

Maple Farm organic / free range farm eggs, some veg, flours, http://www.maplefarmkelsale.co.uk

Farmshop Marlesford A12

Friday Street Farm shop, Saxmundham , off A12 (and re use their plastic bags for frozen berries etc)

Elmwood Nurseries Leiston Road, Knodishall

Emmerdale Farmshop Westleton Rd, Darsham

Middleton Farm shop Reckford Roost

Pulses https://hodmedods.co.uk/ also Grains, Flours and more. Halesworth based.

Group ordering *

Rainbow whole foods Norwich, wholesale side, offers free delivery in Suffolk for minimum invoiced total of £200

excluding VAT. http://www.rainbowwholefoods.co.uk/wholesale.jsp * save money on some bulk goods

Suma Wholefoods ( not local) http://www.suma.coop/order/food-group/

Less Palm oil (& see General List)

Health food shops /health food supermarket sections most likely to have palm oil free products

Focus Organics , shop at Halesworth, High Street.

Cupboard Love at local stalls / online delivery https://www.cupboardlove.shop

Waitrose own brand oatcakes have no palm oil

Co-op ‘Truly Irresistible’ biscuits range have butter not palm oil


Leiston Household Waste Recycling centre : Lovers Lane, Leiston IP16 4UJ



* Freecycle website https://groups.freecycle.org/group/IpswichUK/posts/all

Transport ( also see General List)

Local transport info http://www.suffolkcoastandheaths.org/things-to-do/getting-around/



Suffolk Wildlife Trust https://www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/about-us

Community Green Spaces https://www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/communitygreenspaces

Some local reserves :

Darsham Marshes https://www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/darshammarshes

Carlton Marshes https://www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/carlton

Alde Mudflats https://www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/aldemudflats

Blaxhall Common https://www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/blaxhallcommon

Snape Warren https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/snape

North Warren https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/north-warren

Dunwich Heath https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dunwich-heath-and-beach

Minsmere Bird Reserve https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/minsmere/

Kelsale & Hasketon (some open days) http://www.suffolkflora.org

Suffolk generally: butterflieshttp://www.suffolkbutterflies.org.uk

Local Green Organisations


Transition Woodbridge http://transitionwoodbridge.onesuffolk.net

Greener Saxmundham http://www.greensuffolk.org/green-communities/greener-sax/

Greener Rendlesham https://www.onesuffolk.net/events-in-suffolk/v/greener-rendlesham-transition-woodbridge-meeting

Greener Waldringffield http://www.greenerwaldringfield.org

Groundwork East https://www.groundwork.org.uk/Sites/east/pages/yellow-fish-east

We are a small group of people in coastal central Suffolk UK wanting to make our contribution to

the health of our planet.

We have compiled four lists which can be downloaded at

Our Planet

–  Short Intro List to introduce the idea of ideas and local resources, easy to print out and distribute

–  Local Resource List similar but longer, for our own area which is IP15 IP16 IP17 (this list)

–  General List with national and international resources.

–  How To sheet with details of some of the ideas to make at home.

Please join us and bring ideas to the list. We aim to be non commercial and offer constructive,

practical, everyday actions. We aim to keep the list updated several times a year and distribute it

through email, personal networks, local groups, shops, local papers, social media. We try to stay

current and seek to be accurate but cannot guarantee either of these. Please help share the lists

around and help keep updated.

Print / distribute the Short Local Resource List to your own contacts, local groups or classes.

We would welcome people to use any of the structure/format/ ideas/ information to collate their

own resource list for own locality.

“I want you to panic, I want you to act as if the house is on fire. Because it is.”

( Greta Thunberg https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/feb/15/the-beginning-of-greatchange-