Our Planet

Resource Lists

We are a small group of people in coastal central Suffolk UK wanting to make our contribution to the health of our planet. We have compiled four lists all of which can be downloaded.

  • Intro List to introduce the idea of ideas and local resources, easy to print out and distribute
  • Local Resource List similar but longer, for our own area which is IP15 IP16 IP17
  • General List with national and international resources.
  • How To sheet with details of some of the ideas to make at home.

Please join us and bring ideas to the lists. We aim to be non commercial and offer constructive, practical, everyday actions. We aim to keep the list updated several times a year and distribute it through email, personal networks, local groups, shops, local papers, social media. We try to stay current and seek to be accurate but cannot guarantee either of these. Please help share the lists around and help keep updated.

Print / distribute the Intro List to your own contacts and then pass on the longer lists to those who want.

We would welcome people to use any of the structure/format/ ideas/ information to collate their own resource list for own locality.