single sessions / several sessions


Clay field therapy sessions for adults. Working in a shallow flat box packed with soft malleable clay together with a warm bowl of water and soft sponge. Clay Field work is sensorimotor based, the therapy is through the felt sense and is about how the hands meet the clay. It is not about making something in clay. Clay field work uses the natural qualities in clay which encourage instinctive response from the hands which are a part of the sensorimotor system. Surprisingly powerful and effective work which does not require ‘talking about’ a persons history but can address deep seated issues in mind and body. Single session or several sessions but not long term therapy.

Cornelia Elbrecht from Australia brought part one of Clay Field Therapy training to the UK for the first time in summer 2018, the second part takes place in summer 2019. The work originated in Germany with Heinz Deuser and is continuously evolving. Cornelia has a short video on her website which gives an idea of how the clay field works.


How the outdoors and all there, trees, plants, insects and birds, sky and earth, can assist a person find whatever they seek, whether answers, emotional expression or connection with nature. People are accompanied by the therapist but it is the wild itself which assists, the therapist is there as support, guidance and company. Sessions are in the large garden or across in the sandlings area with footpaths, woodland and heathland and we will also come inside to use art materials to consolidate and absorb the experience. Single session or several but not long term therapy.



Guided Drawing is a very effective sensorimotor way of drawing from within, learning to connect non verbally with an inner sense of self. Helpful with many aspects of experience including trauma. Not about drawing specific things but using the movement of drawing to connect with an inner core sense of the body and working with instinctive healing movements which work on whatever is most needed. The therapist may give suggestions of simple shapes, possible ways to proceed or maybe assist a slower pace of movement. When drawings are completed there is time to look and see what it might mean for the person and explore any changed body sensations.


From her work as a potter Biddy came to work with children in clay clubs and schools and this in turn led to training as an integrative arts psychotherapist at IATE London. After working as an arts psychotherapist for over twenty years she is now retired from long term therapy sessions. Recent training in Wild Therapy allows her wonderful large garden as well as the nearby coastal landscape can be explored in combination with arts media for single / several sessions of therapy. Biddy is the UK co-ordinator as well as a participant in the current UK training in Clay Field Therapy given by Cornelia Elbrecht. Biddy also continues to offer professional development for counsellors and therapists using different arts media.

Biddy Barclay Dip. Integrative Arts Psychotherapy (1999 IATE). Dip. Group Dynamics & Groupwork (2007 IATE). Post Dip. Cert. Person Centred Couples Counselling (2010 “Counselling Works”). Wild Therapy


Clay Field / Wild Therapy / Guided Drawing rates
sliding scale from £50-£60 per hour