come to eARTh
amazing two acre garden
lovely garden sitting room
carpeted, windows, round table
outdoor covered fire space
great writing / drawing space
small peaceful double bedroom
single studio / bedroom



Short Retreat

Retreat in the large two acre garden, a peaceful, delightful oasis with grass, wild flowers, orchard, pond, plants and vegetables. Come for one or two hours or a whole day. The garden is available to sit, wander, draw in the many different areas. A garden room with windows overlooking the garden, comfortable chairs, table and radio/ CD player provide an indoor space to relax, draw, listen to music or practise yoga. Facilities also include a small kitchen with kettle, fridge, two hobs and small oven, and sink. There is a small studio for clay/drawing /water based paints, with sink, skylight and window.

Rates for Short Retreats

£10 per single hour.

Half day (three hours) £25.

Full day (six hours) £50 (bring own lunch, hot drinks available).

Overnight Retreats

For overnight stays of one night or longer, there is a small double bedroom overlooking the garden and a single bed in the small studio. There is a shower room with an electric, basic, open access shower. Covered outdoor fireplace and own small patio area. Breakfast can be included but generally not lunch or evening meal, although it may sometimes be possible. No wifi in the retreat space, some intermittent low connection in the double bedroom. Wifi will be found at the front door to the house for downloading emails. The retreat space is not suitable for consistent wifi connection. There is no TV.

Rates for Overnight retreats

Rates vary depending on length of stay and number of people. It can be less if you bring your own bedding and breakfast. Example of rate for one person in the double bedroom, including bedding and breakfast and 24 hours retreat is £110. Rate for the same if bringing your own bedding and breakfast is £85.

Extra nights cost slightly less, two sharing double bed pay slightly less. Single room rate is less.

Please contact to discuss your own retreat.