Intro list

I P 1 5 / I P 1 6 / I P 1 7 Our Planet : What Can I Do ?

e v e r y l i t t l e c h a n g e r e a l l y d o e s h e l p

Conserve – save money & also reduce our carbon footprint

– Slower speed in the car saves fuel & carbon footprint (50 instead of 70 mph by up to a third).

– Kettle off as soon as it boils and boil exact amount needed.

– Charge phones & tablets for exact time it takes, in daytime when can see when charged.

– Clean teeth with minimum water, e.g. use small container/mug for water


Leiston Household Waste Recycling centre :

Lovers Lane, Leiston IP16 4UJ

Reduce Plastics and Packaging

selection of local shops and businesses for refills, returnable bottles, loose goods.


– Farmshop Marlesford A12 : has refills for some Ecover cleaning products

– Nichols Butchers Leiston : Olive oil – refill your glass bottle time and time again.

Milk Delivery in returnable glass bottles –

– Milk & More

– Foulgers Dairy covers some, not all of our area

– Cupboard Love : at markets/online delivery, loose cereals, nuts etc https://

Farmshops – make / buy own veg bags; reuse paper/plastic bags /boxes

-Maple Farm organic free range farm eggs, some veg,

-Platts Fruit n Veg, 41 High St Leiston

-Farmshop Marlesford A12

-Friday Street Farm shop, Saxmundham (re use their plastic bags for loose frozen produce)

-Elmwood Nurseries Leiston Road, Knodishall

-Reckford Roost Middleton

Produce bags,

We are a small group of people in coastal central Suffolk UK wanting to make our contribution to

the health of our planet. We have compiled four lists all of which can be downloaded at

Our Planet

Short Intro List (this list). Local Resource List similar but longer. General List with national and

international resources. How To Sheet with details of some of the ideas to make at home.

Please join us and bring ideas to the list. We aim to be non commercial and offer constructive,

practical, everyday actions. We aim to keep the list updated several times a year and distribute it

through email, personal networks, local groups, shops, local papers, social media. We try to stay

current and seek to be accurate but cannot guarantee either of these. Please help share the lists

around and help keep updated.